Don’t leave without medical insurance. Government health plans only cover a limited amount of medical treatment outside of the province.

Carry proof of travel insurance with you - and the company’s name and phone number. Leave a copy at home.

Think about cancellation and interruption insurance to protect your investment.

Make sure your passport is current. Click here to link to Passport Canada.

Increased security at airports means longer waiting times. Go to the airport early. Click here for travel restrictions and information.

Make sure you’re up to date on all your immunizations. Talk to your doctor or a travel medicine clinic in advance to see if you need specific medications or immunization. Health Canada provides a list of travel clinics across Canada.

Check if any travel advisories or warning have been issued for your destination. Click here to see about travel advisories and U.S. entry requirements.

Be careful about what you eat. Gastrointestinal illness is common in tourists. Drink bottled beverages, hot beverages and avoid ice. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

Keep credit cards, passports and other ID in different places. Leave a photocopy of your passport with someone at home and keep one separate from your passport. Use a money belt or the hotel safety deposit boxes. Pockets and purses should only be for items you need frequently.

Give your friends and family a copy of your itinerary and keep them informed.

If you’re going somewhere warm, don’t forget sunscreen.

Relax, recharge and have a good time.